Ink My Tattoo


Thinking about getting inked?

What to have for your next tattoo?

Why not try before you buy?


As the not-so well known saying goes “a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas”.
Deciding what to have and where can be a headache – so we thought, why not let you see a cheeky visual of how it would look on your body before you get up close and personal with your tattooist.

It’s so simple. Just upload a photo of the tattoo you’ve been considering, a photo of the body part you want inked, and to help us make it as realistic as possible; a brief description of your requirements. From this, we will consider all the details, from scale to how it would wrap around body parts, how it works for a retouch or how to cover up that tattoo you regret all those years ago!

We then do a bit of artistic magic and can send your photo back to you next day with your
new visualised tattoo in place! Show friends, family, upload it to Facebook, tweet it – it’s so realistic that you could probably even convince them the tattoo’s real – a cunning way to get their true opinion!

Before My Next Tattoo
Before My Next Tattoo

Please take a look at more examples and guidelines how supply us with what we need to make the best visualisation for your tattoo.

I booked a tattoo consultation after using My Next Tattoo, it really helped me to make my decision and I am delighted with the results!" Victoria Ashton